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100 (KB)

Yeah all I really know is 100 nothin' less 100 till nothin' left All I really know is 100 nothin' less 100 till nothin' left (UH K to the second) I be feeling like Jackie Robinson Rocking the 42 in my dodger fit Gripping the arm that was just took by a pitch Crowd the opposite saying that I should quit but I done threw all of it You can hate but you can't hurt me You can hate but you can't hurt me And my worth is safe I can leave this earth today Gassed up on grace how they gon' circle K I don't want no new Bugatti Put me in Nimba County Liberia I'm serious Mosquito net and my Bible Concrete bed I'm still smiling Ain't eating much but I'm smiling I'd rather be in the jungle and in the will of God Then anywhere else outside it Boy, I'm Bout It I'm in this life But my hope ain't in this life A good career book for years, I book them peers A good look just won't suffice But homie my life is hidden in Christ My life is hidden in Christ Gimme 99 problems plus one Godhead The result is OK, our God's never failing Ain't nothing you can tell Him Yes He's the generous type But you face Him you will take that L in No our God won't fail us We know from where our help comes So I put my life at stake Though it might be blood I want that well done (100) If we flipping burgers if we flipping houses Man our bank accounts don't mean nothing And if we paid a lot or if we paid a bit We gon' be going in cause He's coming We tryna be the best that we can be And rest so that the world can see that He's done it No matter who cuts the checks or where we working at Man we work for Him and we love it I just wanna hear that Well done my faithful servant A life full of push back At that moment will all be worth it Cause my work is worship And when He comes back for His church all over the earth We'll be given no less than what He gave us first 100