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What do you do when the guilt doesn't cease the morning After a fall, crying Lord would you send relief Relief, relief Depression is setting in Constantly feeling down What's this really about? I'm recommitting the sins I feel most guilty about I'm weak. Spiritually my bones sticking out I want holiness, but I ain't got the power to live it out That's why i gotta preach Cause the gospel it gotta hit me Jesus has died for my sin There's no power without belief Believe Oh, I'm letting go of my yesterday Grab a hold free in your grace to live There's no more guilt I know that I've been forgiven Hello new mercies Hello every morning Every day I live Is another day I know that I've been forgiven I know that I've been forgiven I know that I've been forgiven After life, there's a judge that we face With no Christ, then the lawyer is bringing a brief case – Guilty But not for those who are truly underneath the grace That's making me chase knowing my sins have been erased After we stray, we see no point in praying I can't go to God, I'd rather hide ‘cause he's angry, WHAT?! Who told me that? The Gospel lifts me from my fall I have no sins to pay; Jesus has paid them all That's why I preach Better get that Gospel to me You see the power indeed is available through belief. Believe I am His He is mine Bought with the blood of Christ Every sin On Him lay