Church Clap (KB)

Gimme that God Almighty That good ol' Bible That old school doctrine Gimme that truth for the body Ain't nothing new about it But it's still full of power Now church clap, let me hear the church clap (church clap) Gimme dat, church motha and they church hat, clap Man that Shug Avery Color Purple comin back, clap uhh When that whole week beat you up and stress ya But you hear that organ playin it remind ya of ya blessings And on another note, she just hit another note Chills down my spine, got me cryin, make me over Lord You don't know about us though, old school church hymms Deacons get to hummin now the drummer finna burst in (Lordy, lordy, LORD) Can you hear me now Church clothes sweaty, you don't care you just get it now Testify, how we made martyrs outta these fathers and rose up all of his daughters to glorify Him with honor Man I swear I saw Miss Jones with her hair did Now its flyin everywhere she don't care what her head did She an heir, yea Caught up in the air, yea Probably why she clappin like Jesus just hear her prayer, yeah I wanna be the type of dude to get the Lord on his feet I wanna do the type of shows that the Lord wanna see And what I mean, if I could make the whole church clap but ain't a clap in the heavens then that clap just a clap, clap For the son glorified, sin mortified The Holy Spirit's going Word of Truth been watered down It sound doctrine, Spurgeon and common uh Nothing wrong with singing loud but that ain't where the power's at For too long the church churches been clappin at weak sermons Leavin the weak hurt, no one's changed by Sunday's service We need discernment, check what you be affirmin Cause a church can be full of members but empty in conversions Preach the gospel, and stand back Look for change lives not for hand claps Love people well, Oh they can't stand that The church just a church when the word is where we stand at