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Tear It Down (KB)

Let me get that there living it holy I gotta get that first picking up the microphone and giving you that lyrical miracle biblical rhetoric in that verse and I ain't letting up coming strong ain't playing bra super serious about the glory of the Lord we livin it so we ready to give it to ya like (woah) what you think we in bible college for studying for hours for bending up all kinda dough ain't just tryna be no scholars no woulda know my God and hit these streets break it down it's strength and weak if I get labour in with laymans what good is theology so your university (pro)ffessors making athiests everybody nodding heads my dirties burley taking it 'ffessor call me out talking bout how you deny the truth (truth?) shoot now I gotta Ravi Zacharias you they say it's wrong proof they say someones wrong but that statement got contradictions all on it's own they argue wit me tear 'em down this ain't judgement I am not a judge I communicate what the Judge meant we gon' tear it down tear it down eh, we gon' break it down bring 'em out bring'em out yeah we can do this now any thought that exalts itself against the God of knowledge yeah demolish it, I gotta tear it down 2x It feel like daily you got haters coming up to you tryna debunk you and pump you with scientific proof see I've been backed into corners tryna figure out what to do I know who I believe in homie I ain't scared of none of you see they ain't take religion from out of the public schools no they just took Christ and replaced Him with Darwin and some other dudes now we all exist cause life here when they struck a pool naw B God was the cause be like the Huckstables air tight air tight we don't fight with flesh and blood but with the Words of Christ they say our weapons foolish but it ain't no shame in me tearing down lies with the Truth even if it brings pain to me patiently we make with thee humbles how we keeping it that hope we got is strong and they wont dig up nothing to weaken it to this we give our lives live and strive th-th-the glory of God is on the line