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Always Ride Wit' My Chopper (Messy Marv)

Click clack gang You know it's a movement nigga You lose some you win some You know what I'm sayin You win some you lose some I don't even win enough I'll always ride with my chopper Bitch ass niggas keep talkin bout the kid Like a nigga won't be down and bust a nigga wig Fuckin the game from the back These niggas got it twisted like I No longer existed Mysteriously missin Ask them niggas out grittin I ain't hard to find I slide through in that camon with 12 birds at a time Nigga with the roof open Getten blew by a dime With a flag in the nigga back pocket ery time I keep it mafia homie soldiers and good lawyers Did the county for a year is that enough time for you Enough shine for you? Did you niggas buy some guns? Did you niggas piece together the mua fuckin crumbs? I'll always ride with my chopper Fuckin the game from the back nigga Fuckin with the cartel know that b Know I'm lookin for you like you lookin for me Don't hear my stomach don't see my ribs Need a passport lil nigga to see my cribs I don't lose no sleep nigga life is grand I mean life is grands homie I'm u and your mans You talk aobut war when you ain't no threat Hit king k's at brunchime and pop moette Hit the city round lunch time eat filet Sit at juniors at dinner time and watch the mets I don't ride with too many niggas I am my set Go hard in the paint run a full court press