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Get On My Hype (Messy Marv)

Yeah, get on my hype Green big birds, yellow and blue Nike's Money on the charm, Yellow and blue ice Stone's on the arms, Red and blue ice Get on my hype Sideshow shit, the West on fire If she ain't a piece I'll run right by her On some hyphy shit Sideways two tires I'm on one homie but I'm tryin' to get higher Get on my hype Ok, I don't play that pimpin' If you ain't thizzin' then say that pimpin' You know, it's stones on the wrist watch Money on the Jesus Skittles on the chick watch Ma, put the grapes in the blunt Sideshow shit I'll teach you how to stunt Come on, get on my hype I'm through the light poppin' wheelies on a motor bike It's real, get stupid go dumb wit it I don't want it if the orange juice don't come wit it Uh huh, the West on fire I'm on one homie but I'm tryin' to get higher Yeah Pop somethin', break somethin', shake somethin' Pop somethin', break somethin' Get on my hype, yeah Break somethin', pop somethin', shake somethin' Break somethin', pop somethin' Get on my hype Yeah, I keep the pepper on the waist Blades on the scrapes Stunners on my face Uh huh, me and my goon's go thug And get hyped out cuz it's work in the club Minks in the summer Air Force's in the winter Green and blue pills wit the birds in the center Yeah, it's on and crackin' I hit the sideshow wit the system yackin' Greg Scotch, you call me a thief Just cuz I have a mouth full of gold teef Damn nigga I'm so faded The east on fire and the police hate it Red and blue lights on the ice work VVS that should tell you what the ice worth (Get on my hype) And I know I'm shinin' I'm a factor in the Bay boy They know I'm timin' SS wit the chip in the front Sideshow shit, I'll teach you how to stunt (Get on my hype) I'm a hus-linaire You can see a rainbow in everything I wear (Get on my hype) We on some hyphy shit In the party on some yellow and blue nike shit (Get on my hype) Uh huh, the south on fire I'm on one homie but I'm tryin' to get higher Yeah West coast Come get on our hype man, yeah Pharmaceuticals, yeah Droop-E made it, ha ha ha Sup Water