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Hoe's Ain't Shit (Messy Marv)

Yeah bitch, this aint only business bitch, this is all the way personal. Ya understand that? Ugh Ugh... my thug niggas sing! Enough of you hoes aint shit Especially a broke ass bitch from TLC Hangin' out the shotgun side Of my homeboys ride Yellin' wont never have money I heard you hoes went bankrupt What happened to that? Now yalls on fuckin scrubs and yallve been havin' scratch You hoes are Atlanta hood rats You aint know Yall could gain a little weight if yall would stop fuckin wit dope Im from Fillmoe Bitch the land of the Scandolous Thug livin' and drug dealin' Pimpin' and Handlin' What a niggas not understandin is how yall switched >From bein' a broke hoe To a top life bitch But what game is this? Me and my niggas mash on those Ricky ass no class punk ass hoes You know my stee low Bitch kicks, shops Bricks all broke down into twomp chops And on my block We've been through it all man Like Paper we got handles in this game With the ball man After the club I heard you suckas could dip And believe me, when I see you, Im a call you a bitch BITCH! See Im used to this Bitch this is what i do Drop off shit and collect chips in cancoon Half of you hoes got issues fuckin, wit Mess Still choppin' at the gap and boots at Nine West You see nappy head niggas, like myself Get a punk bitch, shake their hand and the scrill Bitch you under-still I keep it thugged out like yup boy Whatcha wanna see me in the Lexus of the trunk boy Im a ride on all you victicious' Coward ass fashionable, low class bitches When it gets specific Hoe I seen you on the cut Lookin' all fucked off bitch and lil as fuck In yo back hoe Bitch dont fall to tha Yay Made a football playin' ass nigga turn gay So what more could I say? Bitch whos the scrub? And when I see you at the club Hoe it aint no love BITCH!