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Children's Story (Messy Marv)

Yeah OG Joe Blow in the house, understand me Layin it down with my boy Messy Marv Yeah, for ah - Slick Rick Yeah, this ain't no children's story, though this somethin for the hood, mang So ah - all the OG's grab your ripple and players grab you twomp sacks Here we go... Once upon a time not long ago When niggas made money slingin dank or dope When chronic was burnin and everything was all good And people were behavin hella bad in the hood There lived a little boy who was misled By another little boy, and this is what he said: "Me and you tonight, we're gonna make some cash Pullin 211's and makin the dash" They did the job, scrilla came with ease But one couldn't stop, it's like he had a disease He robbed another and another (Stick em up, stick em up!) And a sister and her brother Tried to rob a man, a SFPD undercover The cop grabbed his arm, he started actin erratic He said, "Keep still, boy, no need for static" Punched him in his belly and he gave him a slap But little did he know the little nigga was strapped The kid pulled out a gun, he said "Why'd ya hit me?" Tec-9 aimed for the cop's kidney The cop got scared, the kid starts to figure "I'll do years if I pull this trigger" So he cold dashed and ran around the block Cop radioes in to another lady cop He ran by a tree, there he saw the sister Shot for the head, he shot back but he missed her Looked around good and from expectations He decided he'd head for the BART station But (what?) she was coming and he made a left He was runnin top speed till he was out of breath Knocked an old man down and swore he killed him (Sorry!) Then he made his move to an abandoned building Ran up the stairs up to the top floor Opened up the door there, guess who he saw? (Who?) Coon, the dopefiend smokin hella dope Who don't know the meaning of water nor soap He said, "I need bullets, hurry up, run!" The dopefiend pulled out a sawed-off shotgun He broke outside but there was cops all over Then he dipped into a car, a hyped up Nova Sideways up the block doing 83 Crashed into a tree near the KOP Escaped alive though the car was battered Rat-a-tat-tatted and all the cops scattered Ran out of bullets and he still had static Grabbed a lady and pulled out the automatic Pointed at her head, he said the gun was full of lead He told the cops, "Back up or the bitch here's dead" Deep in his heart he knew he was wrong So he let the lady go and he starts to run on Sirens sounded, he seemed astounded And before long the little boy got surrounded He dropped the Tec, so went the glory And this is the way I have to end this story He was only seventeen, in a poor man's dream Big Mike shot the kid, I still hear him scream This ain't funny so bitch, don't you laugh Just another case about the wrong path So learn a little lesson cause the game don't last Good night Leave a mess Marv [repeated] Yeah That's right Messy Mizznarv And it goes down for my boy Slick Rick the Ruler And it don't stop and it don't quit and it don't stop I'm on a whole nother level I'm on a whole nother level Trigga Lock Records