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Úniková místnost Vlaková loupež

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You Were My World (Messy Marv)

I Use 2 Cook And Nigga Clean 4 You Jump On The Plane And Touched Down With The Cream 4 U I Could Of Been Scandelous But I Came Back With All The Bread I Held You Down When Them Niggas Was Tryin To Bust You Head Nigga My Mama Put Up The House To Get You Outta Jail And Wen The Feds Hit Nigga I Didint Even Tell N You Out Trickin Wit This Bitch Sleepin In My Bed Giving Her All My Dick Nigga N All My Head How Could You Do Me Like Dat I'ma Boss Bitch I Took You Shopping Bought You Brand New Outfits U Say U Ballin But Wen You Broke You Wanna Call Me I'ma Dog Yo Punk Ass Like You Dog Me Lets Be Wit The Chit-Chat Love I'ma Pimp So What Now You Wanna Leave Belongs 2 A Blimp Wen I Cum Thru You Always Talkin Bout This Otha Bitch First Things First Lets Talk About Dis Otha Shit I Bought You All Da Cavollies And Da Boots 2 Match Dats A Big Step 4rm Big Lots And Tj Maxx I Bang Dis Ckick-Clack Gang Baby I'ma G Dont Worry Bout Where I'm Going Or Where I'ma Be Sen Birds 2 Days I Run Thru Dat I'ma Top Hat Girl I Thought You Knew Dat Y When My Fone Ring You Always Wit The Who Dat Den Call An Be Wit The Nigga Where You At (Man Fuk Dis) I'ma Queen I Held You Down Nigga When You Fell I Picked Yo Ass Up Off Da Ground Nigga I Should Of Left Yo Ass A Million Times You Know You Wrong Dea Say You Dont Miss A Good Thing Until It's Gone All Yo Homies Tried To Fuck Me Nigga Behind Yo Back I Could Of Been Nieve But I Got To Much Class 4 Dat Now You Ass Comin Home Smellin Like Anotha Bitch Pull Yo Pants Down Nigga Let Me Smell Yo Dick How Could You Do Me Like Dat Ima Real Lady A Real Nigga Gon Pick Up Where You Left Off Baby U Say U Ballin But Wen You Broke You Wanna Call Me Ima Dog Yo Punk Ass Like You Dog Me