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Change Your Mind (Yahzarah)

Can't change my number in a minute Got a call from an old boyfriend I just can't believe it, no I can't believe it, yeahhh He's got a girl who wants to know how it been Would like to meet with me for a drink I can't wait to see him, oh Can't wait to see him, yeahhh-eahh I can turn your world around in a heartbeat And bring you to your knees again But I can't change your mind Change your mind Got you a lady, but we parted as friends So keep my number just in case You wanna change your mind Change your mind Walk in the room, you looked me right in the eye Warm embrace you, hold you tight for a while And I know you need it, you do You look like you need it, yeahh But it was more than a thing of a two Don't want a love that I gotta share 'Cause I'm not even dreamin', no I ain't even dreamin', yeahh Everything has it's season Had a real good time But you don't belong to me See, when you're here reminds me If things were changed, boy You know where to find me