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Yah Intro (Yahzarah)

Good evening, ladies and gentlemen. You are stepped into a parallel universe where I am your tour guide And who am I? Well, sit down and let me rap to you for a minute. Yahz come to free your mind (Yes, I have) Heyy, hey, hey, hey, surely the girl's on time Oh YahZarah's on time, yeah, yeahhh So won't you free your eyes, your mind will follow You're upset, boy, don't you wallow 'Cause surely YahZarah's on time, oh, ohhh So ra-a-a-aise your glass, surely the girl's on time I'm YahZarah, ha, Y-A-H-Z-A-R-A-H, pronounced yah-zah-rah Don't ruin it, don't ruin it Not Hezekiah, not Hobacka, not Tabacca, but Y-A-H-Z-A-R-A-H YahZarah meaning "Queen Mother is the brightest star" So, how about that?