Black Witch (Morton)

The shadows suddenly grew long And howling filled their homes Dead silence came upon the ancient grove The evil’s here like years ago It’s back, it hasn’t changed The Satan’s daughter came to get revenge The ill fame flew and like the plague It came to every district It told of hag with evil ruthless spirit Her human flesh was burned to dust And clerics struck the bells But Devil threw her back from burning hell The victim of the holy fire She walks the land, her smile is dire The ashes on her crooked lips And hellish grip Once dead, she came again to rise No one can execute her twice She can’t be drowned, she can’t be burned She can’t be stopped in her return The steel and stone obey the power of unholy runes She spoils the water and conceals the moon Collecting lives and freezing heat With the forbidden chants She already began her vengeful hunt Her retinues of undead souls Are throwing out their cry The rotten madness in the empty eyes The time is nigh, Your Eminence God save you from her rage The Satan’s daughter came to get revenge