Weeping Bell (Morton)

I hear the toll of the bell The sound of my darkest hour The time has stopped in my cell The time is dead in this tower If I dare to change the sequence Of the holy words Will your voice unveil the secret Will the light return? Oh, weeping bell The weeping bell The herald of darkness Reflects in the empty insane eyes Weeping bell My weakening mind Beholds the approaching judgement day Since better days here it hides The ancient walls - breathless emptiness - wasted lands I had the saints on my side Now I'm alone - guilt is on my hands But this night the bell has called me Letters spoke to me Fibres of my mind were torn You took my sanity The weeping bell The weeping bell The murderous call The symbol of god who has gone Weeping bell The wicked creation I wait for the chance to destroy The weeping bell The cross I must hold The tytan, abandoned by god Weeping bell The day when you toll Will bring damnation to all mankind