Waste Your Life (SS-Kaliert)

Hey you, look into my eyes Do you believe the drug dealers lies? Really think, drugs make a better world? Or what other crap have you heard? He isn't going to help you, No he wants your money Or are you so high that you can't see? The night is dark, The moon is shining on the street Pull on your boots, To see the guy you want to meet He's waiting in the cold, As if he has nothing else to do Because he wants to sell the shit he has for you All your friends told you have to try that Fuck them all and everything they've said You say there's nothing with it and you just want to try it But I know that end, You're not the first guy! You waste your life- When you pull it in your brain! You waste your life- When you shoot it in your vein! Don't waste your life- Or you will go insane And now you are standing in the street Begging for money coz you have nothing to eat That is only what you say but it's not the truth You want to buy heroin to fucking waste your youth The dealer has a good life without any bad thoughts With loads of money and a wife that he bought Live your life with spikey hair and get fucking drunk But don't forget the words: PUNX NOT JUNK!