Kosmik Sacrifice (Katharsis)

Seven flames encircled by ravens On the cold vast towers of night. Defiance and unlight, northern hell, In dreamcast state betwizt nocturnal shadows Drinking from my woe, and leave thy soul defiled Pikes of iron molten in starfire rain, Curse of the godless, kaoz blackness supreme The outermost abyss, the horror of emptiness, Citywalls ground down to debris, Flying triangle of flame, ruin, and madness, Destruction, formless creating all forms Mighty Lord, Archon Ialdebaoth Samiel Unholy dragon, demon of blindness awake Bring forth destrucktion ultimate, Principle manifest, watchers awake Equinox calling, vision and voice, Sacred warning, lightning and flash Behold! the supernal macrocosmic realm and all the plagues governed by him He that soweth hatred and violence, Serpent one risen out of the sea Upon his heads the name of blasphemy "But Whosoever Believeth In Him Should Not Perish, But Have The Everlasting Life"... Now is come strength now is come honour Multitude of thine fires brightness Kosmik sacrifice of uncreation absolute, Instruments of righteousness delightfull Distress among our foes eternall anguish, Tyrant reign upon the throne of mastershil So powerfull, unholy perfecktion... Daemonarch trinity, infernall destroyer Deathsoul coldwizzard awe and pain Looks like knifeblows, Eternall regency granted no morrow, We shall die in hate and trance of koronation Invoke the drunken lusts in shrines Of winged sepulchral horror Twisted minds and vicious ways Of priests unpure, a godless sin Archaic sacrifice by blood Thy forces wrathful summoned Stellar abomination's curse Leaving the zonei tron and slain