Outrage (Capital Lights)

I'll take the blame for you for taking one Chance away from me at getting over this And what you were to me, your work is done I'm laughing, after all we're getting too old for this And what a pretty night, what a pretty night You finally fit into my shoes, I'm never dressed for the occasional Invasion of surprises, I don't get surprised You think your secret's safe with you I'll catch it swinging through the grapevine It's time I let you go And here's looking at you, kid Your last word comes out Slower than you thought it would It’s all you ever wanted But you couldn't see me coming with the lights out You’re gonna find out, I'll leave you raining on your own parade Gung ho, you let your guard down, you’re nothing but a write-out I'll leave you raining on your own parade I'm taking shame with you for taking 2 Too many years that could have lasted, now, we'll never get back But tonight the moon will set the mood I'm a train routed off course just to keep on track And what a petty crime, what a petty crime How could you be anything but greedy when it’s all that you know? Give another try, give another try But if you’re one for the money than you’re too good to show on time I let you down And here's looking at you, kid Now, that I found And caught you red handed I'm the last man standing