Stupid Boy (Radke Ronnie)

R. R. versus the whole damn state No girls on the jury I done lost my case My attorney’s nervous what the judge will say About that fresh tattoo up on the side of my face I got your bitch sending flicks to me naked I be rocking stages while you’re minimum wagin’ Ha, no guns in my waist band But I know a few dudes that are down to catch a case man And ill welt you up and I’m down to scrap As a matter a fact you better get back Motherfuck clit clat attack Everybody with a Mac sitting in the back of class fucking strapped Amanda Bynes (Call her Bynes) Maybe I’m crazy, amazingly craving and praying for haters to actually face me [Hook] I’m just a stupid boy and I know why Spendin’ all my time on the wifi And I wonder why (Why) I do not have a life All I wanted is a bitch to fuck me (Fuck me) But all these stupid bitches want to love me (You’re cute) But inside I am ugly U-u-u-u-u-u-u-ugly Made about a mill this year Made a big impression Bitch, I am here I fucked the game up You can call it sodomy My record label’s acting like they just won the lottery Ha, my girl’s a temptress Man I got a girl, baby mama, and mistress “What? You got a mistress?” “No, no, no, it’s not what it looks like, it’s just rap.” “What?!” “I’m just kidding. No calm down, it’s just…” “OH MY FUCKING GOD” HAHA I am not kidding So much pussy I am tripling digits Yahh, While I’m still standing While out on your bitch like my name is Nick Canon (Canon) Who wants to start shit? I’m the darkest, sharpest blade but I sharpen Rawest fuckin’ beef in the market You’re harmless Grab a carpet Wrap your carcus in it I’m far from finished Bury you in the back of my garden wit it! (Wake up, wake up, wake up, it’s the first of the month) When I open my eyes ‘till the time that I close ‘em, I’m a soldier, supernova, bro shit (Get up, get up, get up, ‘cause you gotta get up) Gotta get that money, never gonna fold up, I’m tired of sleeping on the sofa Is this what I’m supposed to be? A motherfuckin’ cracker, it’s in my genes I rap better and faster than anybody in the rap scene, I’m already rocking Get it? Rock king, as in the crowns on me and I’m rocking the boat on my time and so please don’t quote me and I won’t squeeze this motherfuckin’ pen, bitch, it’s like a gun, it’s fun when I pull the trigger on the paper confrontin’ every motherfuckin’ hater I’m huntin’ (I’m beginning to feel like a rock god, rock god) Word to Em and Dr. Dre ‘cause they’re the reason I rock this way DOG [Hook] R. R. versus the whole damn earth (earth) I’ve been this way since my fuckin’ birth I told you foreign fucks I ain’t a Ukrainian But I’m Russian Get it? At your cranium (ha ha) Ooooh, he is so witty (thanks) Ooooh, he is so pretty Now kids, (yeah) Don’t do drugs (Okay) I’m kidding, get it? They’re so much fun Rap and rocked, rolled into one Lock and loaded with ammo Stocked and stowed away with guns Unless you rock and roasters decide to talk and boaster Who’s got the biggest glock and holster I suggest you do not open your mouth and run Get back Better watch out here I come DOG Get sacked Ready to attack anybody let’s play bub It’s fourth and inches Gotta swarm the fences Gotta get that goal Gotta score the winnin’ touchdown with my nuts out I’m a Viking bitch And I punish towns Fuck you bitches Politican, octified, misogynistic My hatred for women growin’ bigger with each day that I’m livin’ Some masochism lovin’ the crap that I’m spittin’ After the fact I wrap it in bow And givin’ it to hos in your home on Christmas Happy Hanukkah Feliz Navidad Happy New Year Now take off your bras I told you broad that your pussy is bomb And I’ll fuck you whore like you never been fucked before Ah, ah, ah [Hook]