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Some Dresses (Dananananaykroyd)

Yeah! Can you smell it in the air? There is something brilliant approaching, onto our patch encroaching We'll hand it over, with a YEAH! We'll watch the fabric fold, while our beauty you behoooooooooooooooold! Yeah! Can you smell it in the air? In three minutes it will billow about me Cut around to fit so neatly Watch how to succeed with the weave Behold the cloth that we folded With the tape about our shoulders Every rule has been taken in and yeah Cut and stitched to make it fit about the hips See how the loop is fixed, under cross-stitch We wanna look as good as you As we race up to the loom Pop pop! On the cuffs Huh huh! On the hem Yeah! Can you feel it in the air? Tonight we begin revolving at a speed sending skirts ascending You cannot contend with the RPM Regard the seamstress' insight As we twirl into the spotlight I am in a state to ovulate and yeah Find myself contorted oddly So I can learn to love my body Position of the shoulder blades deny access to the vertebrae Dispel concerns about the fit With five pairs of hands to assist the zip Pop pop! On the cuffs Huh huh! On the hem The wheel begins a motion that spins trails on the thread And we can make a path along until it takes us to the AH AH AH AH Edge of an incision that the scissors will have run And the voice becomes the needle and the thimble and the thumb! We can choose the pattern, can identify the page and We can choose the pattern that the music will arrange And while the spinning of the wheel begins to generate a wind The voice becomes the stitches and the needle and the pins.