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Watch This! (Dananananaykroyd)

Oh, hiya Watch this! Watch this! We'll suck you in Past it's burgundy death grin Crushing boat (rot) cross your face Pulling your brains out of your skin Watch this! watch this! Lets have a wander, To poke the matted brick face. I'll show what to think of, Stand behind you, stand behind you just incase! Watch this! watch this! And you can't stop the grins, Dripping off on-top of you. No you you can't stop the coins from spinning, And spinning and spinning... can't stop the coins from spinning I swear this thing will take you in - watch. The gloss is gone to a backwards torch, Cos we're chomping at the bits and they're crushed Cos we're running out of time (we're running out of time) We demand yr attention so Watch this! Watch this! 1 2 3 4, 1234 I swear this thing will take you in - watch. Now we're back in the grid, Chance to become what we did. (And now we're stuck screaming out) You saw the jaws rattle in a vacuum, You saw the smiles stamped on, You saw them hold you up like a prize in the throbbing gloss of the body. You saw the sky rupture in a heart beat You saw the rattle of a newborn You saw these hands as they forced it down, to the slither of an 8 ball Scream and shout Tire you out Stretch you out There's no doubt