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Hanging tree parody (The Key of Awesome)

All you, all you Gulliable pre-teens You´ll buy any crap If It involves me This song is on the charts And I can barely sing I won an Oscar Give me a Grammy Are you, are you Looking at the screen They made four movies You just needed three They Peter Jackson-ed it And stretched it out cha-ching Cus young adults Run the economy We ripped you off We work behind the scenes You wanted more Katniss We want your money Just like the capitol Now that´s some irony Now let´s repackage This track with a beat Do you, do you Have a lozenge for me? My voice is so hoarse I´m really struggling Could someone tag me out Or bring me some hot tea Cus I never sung professionally I´m Lorde, I´m bored And I also can´t sing But my producer Fixes it for me I am a role model Because I´m not trashy I may sound drunk But I have dignity We are the last Hope for humanity We both are talented marginally Compared to Kardishians Miley and Nikki We the closest things That you could call classy Yes, you and you Are family friendly You don´t show your ass Not intentionally I curse and fart a lot And sometimes on TV But we´re J-Lorde The hero Gotham needs I´m Un, I ruined Your stoner comedy Now I´ll do the same To Hunger Games part 3 (and ½) And did you know President Snow is my homie We´re going to kill Your movie industry