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Katy Perry California Gurls Parody (The Key of Awesome)

Greetings beotches. Take off your pants. I know a place where the girls are always meaner If you ain't rich, they're goin' nowhere near your wiener Sippin' Starbucks venti skinny mocha chai tea with foam Drivin' Escalades while they're texting and re-tweeting on i-phones You can try to approach us, but we're all the same we don't care what your name is We'll look at you for a second, but that's just to make sure that you're not famous California girls we're unreliable Never worked a day in our lives Hybrid Dogs in bags we leave em' in the car OWOWOWOWOW California girls we're so predictable Hottest bodies money can buy Spray tanned silicone boobs are indestuctable Boing Boing Boing Boing Boing Sign your name on the dotted line Don't need brains if that ass is fine Once you cross the L.A. Border You develop an eating disorder Sell your soul, dance on the pole Bang Charlie Sheen just for a role Nose jobs, tummy tucks These are the girls I like to... hang out with Inflate your lips. Loose the hips See through shirts show off your nips Paparazzi is everywhere Oops forgot your underwear Katy my Lady, I'm all up onya Cus you're representin' California But you know I'd still be all up inya Even if that ass was from Virginia And you know that you can bet your butt That I'd do girls from Connecticut I could really fill my booty quota By bangin' out ho's from Minnesota California Girls we are so are desperate Sold our souls for fortune and fame Soon we'll look like Cher or Melanie Griffith OW OW OW OW AGHH is so repetitive All Pop sounds exactly the same It's the same beat from that other song that Kesha did OWOWOWOW