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Antichrist Dream (Realm)

Antichrist Dream by REALM Pestered by false deities And lies, and lies , and lies Religious fiending, can't help feeling I'm a worm faced god when I die I know of the problems today I know of the nigger cracker swirl I am the antichrist baby And I'm gonna take over the world Bow to no one but yourself You owe nothing to anybody else But if you have to, bow to me And escape this rotten world of hell Antichrist dream-supremacy achieved Antichrist dream-God relieved A world of torture, a world of pain Tax free love driving me insane See them line up, see them wait Wait to be pawns in this sick, sick game When you realize this is all lies And you look forward to fate You'll leave the love and crawl to my Hate hate hate hate hate hate How can you love If you love your enemies How can you love If you love me