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Gateway (Realm)

I was on the highway headed east to El Paso On the road all night, just 300 miles to go The desert sun was hot it came to claim it's toll You know the road can hypnotize The sky grew dark, storm winds began to blow I couldn`t see the road I no longer had control Kidnapped by an unknown force, journey to it's cryptic source I tried to resist Blinded by darkness Black hole draws me in Grips my soul and body Strips my mind of fear Lifetimes pass away Death and hate collide My eyes are witness My spirit free Trapped in vortex I grasped infinity Anything I dreamed became reality Distant words were mine Time and space converged I was a prisoner lost in eternity Somehow made it back to where I was before The desert vision died the wisdom in me grew Earth is but a womb life is our conception Preparing us for birth into a new dimension Somewhere in the desert on the open road Gateway to another void beyond this world Don`t try to find it, it has no control The price for your journey may be your sanity