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Minister Snake (Realm)

Minister Snake by REALM Reptile bound for heaven Cut him down to size Bible brainwashed fucker Security when he dies Watch him sin, sin, sin Slithering to paradise He has such scaly skin And a face wide fake ass grin You know forgiveness is dead God will not forgive Satan will be your friend Someday when you wont live Minister snake Wears a devilish grin Minister snake Ready to give in Minister snake Got a devil for a friend Minister snake Likes to sin, sin, sin He resides in the house of God Barracks for his fucking army What a traitor, what a traitor He really bows to me He kneels at the alter of Christ Well aware of the price Hes gonna pay, wont get in Lord knows hes no virgin - Hello little girl. Where are your parents? * They died. I have no home. - Youre a smart little girl then. You knew to come to the right place, where you will be loved under Gods roof. * Thank you father. - Well take good care of you. In fact, why dont you stay at my house. We have lots of candy and toys. * Ok thank you father. - Ok. This will be our little secret, right? -------------------------------------------------------