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My Fury My Hate (Realm)

My Fury, My Hate by REALM Jesus is gone He died long ago The earliest dawn The earliest hoax Your god is a fake He doesnt exist No souls will he take Ill die atheist Christ was a man His father was too No virgin was pregnant But what could she do Sex before marriage Im daddys little girl Ill dream up a god And ruin the world I will take your cross And turn it upside down It will be your god That I will decrown Your skulls Ill walk on Your Bible , My bait You started every war My fury-my hate Everything you were taught Was all a hoax Jesus was caught And died on a post He never came back He didnt live again He was demoniac Assumed resurection The Romans were right They voiced crucifiction For a man whos words Bled contradictions Lets be blissful hes dead He ruined the earth Now lets burn his book And disregard his birth Chorus My fury, my hate Eager in my heart Yearning to sedate My fury, my hate Passion to destroy The god you fabricate My fury, my hate Keeps on building As sixes congregate My fury, my hate Even if it is true Your hell still awaits!!!!