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Úniková místnost Vlaková loupež

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Spit Like This (Tuff)

She's got the long long legs and she's built like bricks Like a finger down my throat she really makes me sick. It's kinda funny, she don't want money. It's suicide to take a ride, but I love it when she comes. She's so heavy, she's so heavy, a green eyed lady, Crying, begging for a fix. It's not the money, It's sweet as honey. She pulled me close And told me to spit like this! Every time I see her face she pushing for a hit. I'm thinking 'bout the feeling but I swear I'm gonna quit! She runs the city and so damn pretty I love her and I hate her but I need to feel her uuhhh! She's so heavy, she's so heavy, she's so heavy She's so heavy! Green eyed lady can't you see that I love what You're doing to me. But you know one thing that's not been said, When I'm through I want you dead.