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The All New Generation (Tuff)

Time ain't in a bottle and nothing stays the same Somewhere in the 50s music made a change People started pointing when the king began to shake They called it rock n' roll and it was love or hate Elvis Presley, Richie, Jerry, Little Richard, Buddy, Barry You know The Beatles had a hard day's night The all new generation (We're one big rocking) Rock n. Roll is communication (Ain't no violation) Boys will be boys. Girls, girls, girls (Scream and shout let it all out) Singing out loud (All around the world) Hippies turned to punkers and rockers turned to glam Everyone's a poser now unless you like to slam Violence ain't your answer nor drugs I'm proud to say We gotta stick together now cause music's hear to stay The Who, The Doors, Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, Rolling Stones, And old Van Halen. Aerosmith told you, Walk this way Elvis Presley, blah blah blah Cooper, Kiss, The Oz and Motley, Poison, Axl, Jon Bon Jovi Skid Row is the youth gone wild