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True Stories (Jumpsteady)

Now I lay me down to sleep I pray the Lord my soul to keep Time swifts back upon my bed As the undead walk inside my head Don't you hear the ghostly calls? Transcending from beyond the walls They have shown in this life I've known There's another world beyond our own Twisted, broken, shadow land Connected by paths of emerald sand Have you seen the things I've seen? Been visited by phantom beings? Haunted by those in hooded cloaks Or been in the séance to invoke Many who see don't believe Because they chose naivety Don't you know that ghosts exist? Do you believe in exorcist? Don't you know that demons live? Do you live a life of sin? Don't you know they'll comfort you? Depending on the path you choose Don't you hear the ghostly calls? Or do you hide behind your walls? Spiraling back into my past The nightmare upon my mind is cast Remembering a time so long ago When death took me into its fold As a young child awakening Face in a pillow suffocating All my senses were there to me But I couldn't move and I couldn't breathe As I died I realized There was a reason I was paralyzed Inside that room I was not alone There was a presence neither flesh or bone Even though I could not see I felt its evil beyond imagining More afraid of it than death I broke its hold upon my flesh Can't you hear the child's screams? Can you see horrific dreams? Can't you feel your death embrace? Can you follow the path of grace? Can't you see the world I see? Can you see the reality? Do you remember a time like this? Or is it locked away in your subconsciousness? As a child, I heard ghostly calls Striping insanity from my walls A female voice would come to me And say my name repeatedly Death's temptation from the grave Spoken word my life did fade Slowly forget as the years go by Plagued by nightmares, I wonder why Dreams of a car flipping end to end Screams of a woman is deafenin' When I awake, I'm rememberin' The explosions of pain and dismemberin' Then one day a vision forms Inside my mind a dream was born I drove a car that's now destroyed A woman's inside like a broken toy Blood goes cold as I realized Her face is too bloody to recognize Looking through my horrified eyes Somehow I loved this woman who died Turning to me upon deaths embrace She calls my name out to space It's the voice of my childhood ghost I reach for her, but the vision is lost Won't you step up through the gate? Will you face up to your fate? Won't you hear their ghostly calls? Transcending from beyond the walls? Won't you enter the shadow land? And walk upon the emerald sand? Have you seen what I have seen? Or do you choose to be naïve?