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Prison Of Passion (Missing Heart)

When the moon is high I'm in a prison of passion And as time drops by I try to get over you But it's all in vain Can't evade your magic Cause the walls Of love won't let me through The prison of passion Aaaahhh I met you and all my dreams come true There was nothing I could hide from you No nothing And your eyes they put a spell on me I was helpless cos my fantasy Went crazy I knew your love was gonna break my heart I felt your look just like a poisoned dart Yet I felt good When we made love I felt strong and free The day you left you had mo on my knees Just like tonight We were lovers in a stormy night Never asking what is wrong what's right No never When you kissed me it was clear to me Only you can be my destiny Forever I was a victim of your burning lips And just surrendered to your fingertips Yet I felt fine You gave me that eternal touch However much you gave me it was not too much I need you so