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All For You (Kill Paradise)

It's summertime Break it down Heart attack On the same path as a dart and tack. Hold you cause I need you there Take it cause it's only fair Whatcha wanna go for Why'd you'd wanna do this I hope that you are happy You are only empty Everything I do is empty without you You're taking everything that seems so true [Chorus] So how do you feel now, my love You're always in every one of us And nobody will ever shake the way you do Your digits are candy sin to you I'm letting you go just like the birds I feel like I've emptied all your words From singles takes To mountaintops Liquor cakes To lemon drops It's all for you, it's all for you [End of chorus] [SHAKE! SHAKE!] Shake it up Shake it up Go dip it in the water And I hope you had enough I see you're only instinct You're only on the outside Burning is my hobby And dying is my pastime You're recreated So don't get motivated Your changing is outdated And you're just overrated I'll keep you captivated Just watch me So truly underrated Just touch me [Chorus] Let's go! Ha Ha Ha Ha You know you are the best [best] It's shaking inside your chest [chest, chest, chest] Closure just outweighs the rest So why [why] Why is it I will bury a tree When you left without hope And imprisoning me With everything that a teacher can see Realize that hope that will bring you to me [to me, to me] From trenches to glory [to glory] Oh baby that is the story [story] You know that this could get gory Gory, it's only, you've got it, it's morning (ah ah ah ah ah ah) [Chorus] x2