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A Joyless Euphoria (Vendetta Red)

A scream engaged to peel your eyelids back. Her skin like silk, my lips like knives. A marriage of art and atrocity. A sultry silhouette ensemble. Rib into lung. Head on collision. Tooth into tongue. Insipid succubi. Match to the fuse. And I'm un-anesthetically revived, So ashamed that I survived. A faceless fuck betrothed to his bedside, A bed pan for a bride. "And now that this curse is in my blood, A time of redemption has begun. A song for the ages, silent and sweet." The voice of forever singing through me. Our varicose unholy abortionist Inquisitors' black crusade. To cleanse your womb unfit for demon seed. An anti-nest for the anti-christ. "Can you hear me? There's something I've been wanting to tell you. When you were laying face down In a pool of blood and broken glass, You never looked so beautiful. So who's the big man now, motherfucker? The one missing his arms and legs? Well I wanna lick those bloody stumps, And cum candy in your mouth until you cry."