Come Get It (Flipmode Squad)

Hurricane's in the house.. [lord have mercy] Land-lord, up in the house*come get it* Rah digga, up in the house *come get it* Rampage, up in the house*come get it* What? baby come get it(rah: what? nigga come get it) Chorus: lord have mercy, rah digga L: turn the heat up Cause we about to creep up*come get it* L: it's off the meter Plus we tear the street up *come get it* R: ladies g'd up, what? Don't smoke the weed up *come get it* L: what? baby come get it(rah: what? nigga come get it) [rah digga] Check it, I come in sweeter than la femme nikita Be all up in your hood like I'm a c&c two liter The little honey that be doin her she thing On some mya shit, like "it's all about me" see? I bleed things, blunt slicer on my keyrings Bra top, lots of g-strings, havin weed dreams I'd be queen if this the 1900's Cause niggaz gon get it, and e'rybody want it I'm totin bags, eyes redder than a photo lab The spins on your single, won't even top my promo ad Hard drops quicker than jackers at the car lots Couldn't get no harder if you went to school of hard knocks The grimy bitch, sometime be punchliney bitch So don't make me go there! (*starts singing to "the p is free"*) Because the groupies are free, but the rhymes cost money.. Oh yeah!! Chorus 2x [rampage] All my flipmode niggaz just bounce to this All my rampage niggaz just bounce to this All my hurricane niggaz just bounce to this All my niggaz if you with me just, bounce with this Okay, this is how it goes, pimpin all you, hoes Catch em outside the shows, time to get the dough Up in the studio, smokin the hydro Writin the hot shit, you waitin for me to go Threw on the ram' bounce, just shakin yo' ass yo Bump this in your lex coupe or your expo' Flipmode squad, we the ones in them videos Catch us with the fly shit, but you don't hear me doe Rampage, professional, just move your feet We bout to make you do the jerk, get out your seats Seven days a week and we the squad that don't sleep Catch me in the street I'm on the midnight creep, so what? Chorus 2x [lord have mercy] I walk the path, that allah made, +smooth+, like sade Got pickup tracks -- high-beam with the fog rays International capital, checks cashed in full Damage your hood, natural, spend grands for goods Traditional niggaz know -- scream on these players like Dj call in some mo', invincible pretty flow Grammar god, swing like gold from panama Twenty-four carat charms, with smooth cuts like sarah vaughn Here we go, here we go -- attitude Spit the vocals hotter than soul food from baton rouge Come, sharp-tongued like malcolm, on any album Some got chrome like sly stone, what you about son? Here it is, here it is -- handcraft the raw Who the boss? human torch any fantastic four Player, I be a point guard, controllin things In the 4th quarter, it's all water like holdin springs Chorus 2x Dj hurricane in the place baby c'mon Flip--mode, up in the spot baby c'mon Ram--page, up in the place baby c'mon Rah, digga up in the house baby c'mon Lord have mercy in the place baby c'mon Busta rhymes is in the house baby c'mon Whylin out, for the night yeah c'mon Hollis crew, represent baby c'mon Dj hurricane represent baby c'mon All the ladies c'mon, shake it baby c'mon All the females c'mon, shake it baby c'mon..