I Got Your Back (Flipmode Squad)

(Busta Rhymes) Catching my fever Rob the passanger, the last griever You don't lone my squad? Fuck ya'll, we don't love your ass neither Way off the meter (Rampage) Yo Bus, me and Spliff, we got heaters Everything's allright, lets get drink up inside of Cheetah's Go up in Cheetah's... (Spliff Star) ... and see this motherfucker named Peter Tried to stick me for five bricks but his broads the schemer (Rah Digga) Word is bond, I murder any bitch that fuck with my niggas (Rampage) Blow a hole up in your body, straight dismantle your figure (Busta Rhymes) A'yo where Rah Digga? (Rah Digga) Scopin out the little blaze chicken Bitch stay trickin' Fuckin with my niggas, gonna get her face kicked in (Busta Rhymes) A'yo Spliff, what you starting at? Them bitches over there Or them bitches over there Or them bitches right here? (Spliff Star) Nah, that nigga on line Motherfucker still drunk off'a Bacardi and lime (Baby Sham) Spliff, I feel this way If it's for my squad, let's play Back him 'gainst the door Patch his body with gauze Mop up the floors Splatter nigga's blood on the walls (Spliff Star) Bust that nigga's shit Make the nigga suffer for yours Busta: And if they run up in your crib again I got your back Sham: Always keep the heat on me son I got your back Ramp: I'ma hold you down until I die I got your back Digga: And if you ever need stacks, yo I got your back Spliff: If I kill him and get knocked I got your back Busta: And if your bail is a hundred G's I got your back Ramp: Any nigga try to set you up I got your back Spliff: Yo let me set this shit off first, what!? I got your back (Spliff Star) Fuck waiting Bash his face for a statement Cock the stainless Make his whole chest cave in (Busta Rhymes) Ooh, shit is changing My whole adreneline is racing Blow this nigga shit like horror flicks Wes Craven (Baby Sham) A'yo Bus, Spliff, chill (Fuck you talkin' bout?) Don't do that nigga nothing (fuck that!) Blow that nigga's family up just for fronting (Spliff Star) Yo where the bitch that was with the nigga? (Rah Digga) Caught her with the left Choked her by the halter, bitch bloody to death Then the ho starts crying 'bout her hair and nails Gettin' stomped with the shells... (Rampage) ...I heard the bitch-nigga yell Caught Peter, man, by the speaker Looked me in the eye and didn't even know I was his brother's keeper Slap the nigga, through him in the sleeper (Spliff Star) Deeper and deeper Nigga's vision start to black out, straight Grim Reaper Still lookin for that nigga Peter (Baby Sham) Chill, let's bounce Spliff is high on 'bout a half an ounce If he's hiding, we gon' find him on the eye of a needle (Rah Digga) Yeah that's the shit I'm talking bout Let's go fuck with his peoples Nigga got a sister? (Busta Rhymes) Yeah, she work up in Kids World I don't know for sure, but I think the nigga live with is girl (Spliff Star) There the nigga goes, let's hit him with the 4-5 chrome (Baby Sham) Chill Spliff, we gon' trail this nigga's bitch ass home Rush the crib (Rah Digga) Kill the bitch while she ain't even looking Still all fucked up from the last ass-whuppin Chop the bitch up (Baby Sham) Caught up in this foul mix-up Tore wide open, bitch'll need a major stitch-up Dig a ditch up where no blood-hound'll sniff up (Busta Rhymes) Yo, bury that bitch, don't leave a scent for dogs to pick up (Rampage) Oh shit, yo I hear somebody coming >From the upstairs bathroom where I hear the water running (Spliff Star) Fuck that! There the motherfucker go right there I want a morgue for him, make that nigga's crew pall-bear Yo let me lift him (Rah Digga) Wait, before that, let me go kiss him (Spliff Star) Put five in his head and wrap him in the bedspread Fled from the scenery without nobody seeing me (Busta Rhymes) My squad sworn to secrecy If anybody ask about him we ain't seen him recently I got your back Busta: Any nigga ever try to front I got your back Sham: And if you ever need my burner son I got your back Ramp: A'yo I hit you with my last, god I got your back Digga: Any bitch step outta place I got your back Spliff: And if I gotta co-defend you I got your back Busta: Let me snuff that nigga talking shit I got your back Shame: I go against the world for my squad I got your back I got your back (4x)