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Annabelle Lee (Sarah Jarosz)

Many a year ago In a kingdom by the sea There lived a maiden you may know By the name of Annabelle Lee No other thought did trouble her mind But to love and be loved by me We were children both In this kingdom by the sea But we loved with a love that was more than love I and my Annabelle Lee With a love that the winged angels high Coveted her and me This was the reason long ago In this kingdom by the sea A wind blew from a stormy cloud That took my Annabelle Lee Then her wicked brothers came To steal her away from me They shut her up in a tomb below This kingdom by the sea But no maiden’s grave could sever my soul From the love she bore for me For the moon don’t beam without a dream Of my darling Annabelle Lee For many years I’ve wandered Through this kingdom by the sea I’ve laid myself beside the bones Of my beautiful Annabelle Lee I’ll make my bed near the rising tide In her tomb by the sounding sea