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The March of the Golems (Solar Fragment)

Wake up and follow me your rise is the start of my mastery unshaped, a scorn of man four thousand soldiers are at my command Right from the shadow comes the flaming eyes their faces lifeless and vacant they stand These are the warriors of an ancient time made of stone and clay they will smash down the land So they march till the end of all time noone can ever stop them by steel or fire you disbelievers, bow to me I’m forcing the town to its knees and claim what has always been mine The earth is shaking forsaken lands we will leave as we walk to the scene They were mistaken for every selfpleasing laugh they’ll be torn apart I have the power for I wear the lordship’s ring These eyes, the tyrant’s eyes a crucial part of his fake regime I have the power for I wear the lordship’s sword My plan, a perfect plan not yet, but soon the throne is mine So they march till the end of all time… And they scream, and they cry for all their houses are stamped to dust those woods grow nevermore But if they beg, if they pray I shall be mercyful and spare their lives ’cause I’m a noble man