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Wanderlust (Solar Fragment)

Have you ever seen forests and hills? a traveller once spoke And in his eyes, there was a glint yet unknown feelings it evoked He told me tales of places and times enchanted heart, a splinter in mind With every word and with every smile my past became a foolish waste of life A further day has been born in the night and with it comes the change My meditations enlightened my views I'm longing for those lands so strange Duty says: Attend to me! You have your task, you must not flee! But freedom cries: Let me out! So in the end I leave without a doubt Defying the dreams I have into the light I go May fortune be my friend On this journey, miles and miles Where is my path? What lies beyond these mountains framing my desire? Oh, I won't return until foreign seems my homeland and I've found the end of wanderlust On the mantelpiece I left a note waving my fellows goodbye They might even have liked to ensue but that's not the gist of why And so I write this book on my own heading for the things yet to come Gentle breeze, I close my eyes I feel it now, my spirit starts to fly Defying the dreams I have... On this journey, miles and miles... And now I stand among the oaks of ancient times and I begin to understand the light in his eyes On this journey, miles and miles...