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Rhinestone Cowboy (Madvillain)

Hold the cold one like he old the cold gun Like he hold the microphone and stole the show for fun Hold my flow for ransom flows is handsome Hoes is tandem, anthem, random, tantrum Phantom of the grand ol' Opry ask your dumb hottie Mask pump shotties somebody stop me Hardly come sloppy on a retarded hard copy After rocking parties leave the party in a jalopy Watch the drop top poppy Known as the grimy limey, slimy try me blimey Certainly smashing in a fashion that?s timely Madvillain dash in a beat rhyme crime spree Who rock the house like rock and roll Got more soul than a sock with a hole Set the stage with a goal Or have the game locked in a cage getting shocked with a pole Overthrow it like throwing over a biscuit A lot of bitches think he overly showmanistic Let go his dick if that?s the case Rats want to waste, there?s more cats to chase Dogs, we got to light new powers Woke up broke, spit shit, few hours Sheesh, been unleashed since the Greek club Have the fans saying please make me a dove Well, since you asked kindly Where you been behind the mask you can't find me Ya, blind in the wine zone leave ya mind blown When he shine with the nine, he?s a Rhinestone Cowboy Gooney, goo, goo, loony, coo, coo like new off Who knew the mask out of new school Hell could hardly tell, having to tighten it up Like the drells of Artry Vells Speaks well of the hyper base Wasn?t even tweaked and addicted to cyberspace Couldn?t wait for the snipes to place At least the track listing old print type face Stopped for a year, come back with thumbtacks Popped full of beer with hip hop sharecroppers Used to wear flip-flops, now rare gear coppers He?s in it for the quiche might as well not ask for free shit capice Oh, my aching hands from raking in grands And breaking in mic stands villain The styles stun your chicks While he put himself in his shoes, run your kicks You heard it on the radio tape it Play in your stereo your crew will go ape shit Raw lyrics, he smells it like a hunch The same intuition that tells him spike the punch Curses, he?s truly the worstest with enough rhymes That spread throughout the boundless universes Let the beat blast, hold him with the mask Said, ?You bet your sweet ass? Made of the fine chrome alloy Find him on the grind he is the Rhinestone Cowboy