Do You Love (Final Fantasy)

This kitchen has a king! This hand, this hand is a cunning little bugger With a habit of turning every A into a be Unless it's put to work There's a twitch twitch twitch and a rash, and an itch For a job, for a magic job, and a magic diet and exercise plan There are things I cannot do I cannot not not turn a skinny little shit Into a winsome Brit who spent his youth in honest pleasure For all my wily ways I cannot not not turn back into the boy It's a tearful day when a boy must learn his limitations Take a look at this brochure: Inject, inject, strip away, peel away The scars of self abuse with a couple of hours in a private clinic What have I left in life? The Knife! the Knife! this knife! this knife! Every inch, every inch of me will come to know its magic!