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One Girl (Boris)

I am not like all the others, I am not your average guy I ain't looking for a lover just to last me for a night Cause I don't care I just don't care For a marathon of love, just for showing off the girls you wear I don't have a list of ladies, I don't drag along like that What I like is what I want and what I want is what I get So I don't care, I don't give a damn About the stories that they tell me, I guess I'm just a one girl type of man Just one girl (only one girl, one girl is enough for me) With one heart (only one heart, one heart is all that I need) And one kiss (only one kiss, a lot of it a lot of it And one love (only one love, I'll never get enough of it, one girl love) Only one girl, only one girl Baby don't you get me wrong I'm not that innocent at all Cause to get to where I want to be I need to see it all So if you're there, baby if you're there Won't you show yourself to me, cause I got all my extra love to spare Baby, just for All I want is one girl, cause one girl is enough All I want is one heart, cause one heart is enough All I want is one kiss, cause one kiss is enough All I want is one love, cause one love enough One girl, only one girl