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The Average (Breathe Electric)

I've got a Saturday night and I'm all alone I've got my phone right here and I hope she'll call But she's too pissed off at the way I am And she calls me what I want from her I've been expected too much to continue writing All these shitty lame love songs that I hate It's becoming real clear that I have no talent And the kids are what I'm trying to reach Oh, Come on Love me, Steal me away 'Cause I've had enough of this And I am whole And I am strong 'Cause we're growing up too fast Who's to say I'm always wrong I think it's further from the truth to point that out But I'm trying new style to progress once more But real pop is where the money's at Da-da-da-da-da is how it goes But I guess it's in the eye of the beholder It's because I don't stand right out I guess guitar could be the difference I could fight I could fear I could bruise I could burn We can kill We can die We can fight the good fight We could fight, we could sleep, we could touch, we could fuck We could die, we could fall, we could stand up for each other We could fight the good fight You've got to put it right back where it started To figure out that we are meant for more You've got to sit back and relax 'Cause I've found out that all this stress is killing me