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Picking Sides (Wingnut Dishwashers Union)

Well just 'cause I drink don't mean I don't hate stupid drunks. But just 'cause I'm singing it, That don't mean shit, that don't mean that I'm not one. But those jerks by the kegs, They aren't leaving me no ground to stand. So if we're picking sides, I guess that I hate the policeman, Hate the white man tonight. And well, I've been thinking things, Thinking things that I just hope aren't true. Like maybe I don't choose punk rock, Because punk rock chooses you. You know, I've seen the same bands so many dozens of times, But with dozens of different names Across dozens of different state lines. And I won't always admit it, but I think That the world's better off with the world better in it. And so if we're picking sides, I guess that I am for every shitty three-chord high school punk band. Oh yes I am, oh yes I am.