What's Your Damage (Test Icicles)

Did you ever think about the words Coming out your mouth people Don't listen, No, they just don't turn around A useless sound You keep saying more It means less to me Is it that you're so deaf That you just can't see? So you stop and take a look around Something will get you off the ground You try...Do you even know why? Well it's hard to say, But I'm pretty sure Cos' last time I checked Everything seemed to be in place Did you ever think That you're so alone? You better stop and think Before it's all over Please be quiet so I can sleep tonight What should I do when nothing is right? Man, I just don't know... If you never learned to read what the signs say, How do you know you're going the right way? Well, it's hard to say if it's not an act I can't keep my distance, Everything turns to black I've left myself open to attack Did you ever think That all the things you say Sound so naive? Please shut up so I can sleep tonight What am I supposed to do When nothing feels right f**k Did you ever - think think think think think I really don't think You ever think