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The Voice Of Saruman (Lórien)

Saruman, the betrayer Will miss all the magic and the might He's gone astray, he's in the sight Of the dark lord. He forgot the right way 'cause he yearned to be like a god But now he cries. But he will never lose The gift he has in his voice Which is something he will always use. The words he will pronounce Will seem full of wisdom Who will resist their magic sound? The voice of Saruman Will bewitch those who hear It sounds like the wind blowing the Sand. There's a man with a staff Walking a short way towards his end Towards the realm Under the blast Of dragon fire. That's the game of deceit That the wizard's playing with no Trace Of that old flame That always burned Inside of him. The words... The voice... There are no Gods around Ready to appear when he is praying They don't believe In what he's doing They won't be there. Banished from everywhere Up and down the Middle Earth he'll Roam His glory end...