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Suddenly (Maxx)

Uuuh yeeah oh oh oh Suddenly The waiting... were broken day by day Like the windows of the old school and the playground's gone away The owners searchers despers... to find It's been deserted by the... and the... got to say Sensation's a new joke, dead bodys on TV Time is flying by, have you got the time for me The daily papers dirty that keeps the cold man warm The spice cracked wide open and the... store Suddenly It did happen suddenly Woh oh oh Woh oh Oh no I can take no more Called up in cross by... a little call expense A child crying, eyes appear behinds a golden fence He's searching for the freedom he'd may never see But the mother of two children needs and eagle to be free What's around the corner, why can't we see not far Like a four teenage boys... with... stolen... car If the person's skin is coloured he knows the words he used Time is going by so fast, ignorance is no excuse Oh no I can take no more Ooh oh no... it happened suddenly...