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Úniková místnost Vlaková loupež

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Corner of My Eye (Green River)

I've been watching you From the corner of my eye I've been watching you For most of my life I've seen you try To hide your desires I've seen through your Desception & lies You can't change What's already been done You can't hide What I've known all along And there's nothing you can do... (You know nothing about me I know all about you) You can't point Your finger at me 'Cause I know I know I'm not I'm not the guilty one As long as you meet my demands I promise I won't tell anyone I caught your secret Without even trying You've always been in The corner of my eye Tonight I find out if there's Anything more to learn I'm your unseen shadow As curiosity burns And I know what I know 'Cause I've known it all along Yeah, I know that I know My knowledge makes me strong