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Aeons Of Ruination (Reciprocal)

The divine power in nature Emanating from the Holy Deity Various roles in destructing A universe of imploding moons Becomes the region of space Surrounding the bodies on Earth Annihilating the frail and weak There will be (only immortals surpass The eliminating ritual of the one Lord) No one left The oblation of human kind seems to subside Bindings made of mortal flesh Aeons of ruination Inscriptions of The Avatar Planets burn in sight of His Holy Tome Shredding faces melting skin Centuries of scorching skulls The pleasure of dying is merely lost In timeless agony Orbiting endlessly Burn Recreation of the throne Establish dominion over nature Conquering victoriously The central body known to provide the light Sphere of hydrogen and helium aeons away Nuclear fusion reactions in the interior Explodes and approaches the earth Humanity now in extinction The alien realm is decreeing Cloning beings for experimentation Torturing the unborn fetus of dehumanization The Invasion Annexing territory Seizing terrain All Ends...