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Fight Song (The Republic Tigers)

Evacuate now! Illegitimi non carborundum. If you cared, there'd be love in the air. Pharmaceuti-government got your mind And your thoughts. Can you feel Where's your spine? Evacuate now, cause This storms out for blood. Build a shelter for your kind, And protect the ones you love. It seems that Everyday we're fightin', and we're Causin' bolts of lightnin', like a Hot and cold collision in the sky. You think your fellas, co-conspirators, Got your back? When the fear they dispatch Comes from a diffident path. What of then, Opponent ready to pass? When the clouds clear We'll be standing here. Get down in your basement. These sirens are loud. Lock the doors and eat the key, To elude the things you'd see. Take notice, Everybody's frightened by the Radically enlightened, and they Say to jump. Still, you reply How high? Evacuate now, cause This storm's out for blood. Build a shelter for your kind...