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Úniková místnost Vlaková loupež

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Another Way (In My Eyes)

Spirits get lifted Words may get twisted Still I hold my place Attacks have been made Sincerity fades I refuse to save face Should I forget Lose my step and turn back I can't let go Of what I've always held so tight Not looking for approval Not looking for praise Live by example Show there's another way We seek perfection Hope for direction Live for what's in store Competition's draining As well as complaining You can strive for more Don't let yourself Get caught up in hate and greed It's up to you Follow what you feel is right All this division Bitter criticism It's all so worthless, all so worthless The time we spend being so idle it's all a fucking waste I live to see You understand what this means to me To see it all through these eyes I guess it never hurts to try And when your heart's in the right place You might see it my way