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Úniková místnost Vlaková loupež

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Can't Live Through Me (In My Eyes)

Would you think any different If the faults were on the surface Or would you just pretend That you saw nothing at all You can't change my mind These actions can't be stopped by your restrictions And all the steps I take Are made on my own Is the faith you put in others Less than what you put in yourself? We hold this true Words can only take you so far What's inside? You can't live through me These goals and views are mine to see The ground where we mmet Is what we believe and what we trust How could you stand so proud? When you didn't know what you stood for Now I ask myself If you could stand on your own I'd hold you up But my arms just aren't strong enough They just aren't strong enough I wish that you'd hold back. But your will isn't strong enough I never thought it'd be this tough