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Crescent (Perry Brendan)

The stars you see in the night sky Have been dead for centuries Starlight creates the illusion Of life for all these years Now I no longer trust these eyes of mine The heart must speak to me In tongues of forgotten voices In ancient harmonies So that I can see Heavens are merely illusions When you build them high in the sky And hell is the final solution For those who have no faith in this life They are blinded by lies Here in the garden, fountain of life Here in the garden, arcane delights Are born from the womb Down here the seed will rise From dark earth to the light To kiss the sun again She brings me flowers To ease the pain She brings me light Where only darkness waits And the more that I see The more life means to me And the way you love the wild earthly dream She sings her song for you and me I don't care what lies beyond this world All I really care about is you All Mother Nature's gifts of life have made Have made this world a paradise for you and I